BLS Signatures Part 1 — Overview

BLS Signatures — overview

  • KeyGen — choose a random α. Given generator g1, pk=α*g1
  • Sign — σ = α*H(m) ∈ G2 (in the case of eth2.0)
  • Verify(pk,m, σ) — if e(g1, σ) = e(pk, H(m)) return true.




Easy Multisig support

Part 1 — Summary

  • BLS is a great adoption of cutting edge cryptography to solve specific issues, scale in the case of eth 2.0.
  • The way it works is more complicated than ECDSA but offers some interesting properties and possibilities.
  • Behind the scene, what makes BLS possible is a concept called bi-linear pairings. To better understand how pairings work (and thus how BLS works), we will need to cover some basic concepts.
  • Part 2 will cover some of the key concepts behind pairings and BLS signatures.
  • Part 2 is fairly technical and complex, proceed with caution :)




CEO @ and Developing trustless staking products for eth2.0.

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Alon Muroch

Alon Muroch

CEO @ and Developing trustless staking products for eth2.0.

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