• Offir Steklov

    Offir Steklov

  • Tal Asa

    Tal Asa

  • Max Kane

    Max Kane

    Product @Lemonade_inc || “Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one” -Voltaire

  • Suraj Shukla

    Suraj Shukla

    Dentist by Profession , Blockchain Enthusiast , Reiki Healer and an Investor

  • chen Zhuling

    chen Zhuling

    Co-founder of aelf blockchain

  • yuval m

    yuval m

  • Eddy Travia

    Eddy Travia

    Pioneer investor in blockchain technology companies since 2013. Co-founder & CEO of Coinsilium Group (AQSE:COIN) and Regional Director APAC @ IOV Labs (RSK/RIF)

  • Martinet Lee

    Martinet Lee

    Homeschooler, Engineer, Teacher

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