Starting 2019 with a bang!

It’s an exciting time at Blox, 2019 is full of hopes and we would like to kick it off with a big product release and some announcements. Actually 10 of them.

  1. Blox and Blox Business products are now a unified single product, aimed at crypto professionals, businesses and enterprises. For the past few months, significant parts of the product were only available to our Business users. It all changes now.
    The evolution of the (business) product began with a simple request (from our partner), to build a solution for tracking and management on a corporate level, a solution that could be scaled and dynamic enough to support growing needs. Despite not having anything to offer, we took on the challenge.
    What started with a set of custom tools and features, quickly spun off into a different, fully functional product, serving many leading companies in the space.
    As of a few hours ago, we’ve uploaded new versions for our iOS, Android and web apps which combine features from both Blox and Blox Business. The goal is creating a unified platform aimed for crypto professionals, companies and individuals. This will open features which were, up until now, available only for our Business users. Visit Blox products page for more information.
    What are crypto professionals? Individuals/ companies that manage and engage with crypto assets on a daily basis. The more wallets/ exchanges/ transactions you have the bigger the value Blox will give you.

2019 is gonna be a great year!

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