Why Blox is free? and how come Delta, CoinStats and more are not?!?

Competition in the crypto asset (portfolio) tracking and management apps is rapidly growing. Each one of our competitors does things a bit different but it seems most of them have something in common, they started charging money for doing basic things in the app.

Delta introduced a paid version for creating more than 1 portfolio or even integrating more than 2 exchanges via API. CoinStats took things even more to the extreme and set a very low limits of $5K total balance for the free version, want more than that? you will have to pay.

From the get go Blox has put as one of its core values and product metodology the notion that a good enough part of the app should be free. Not a demo like version of the app (like we remeber from the PC games of the 90') but a trully usable, value generating version that most of us can use and enjoy without resulting to taking our credit cards out.

We do it for 2 reasons.

  1. We think its the right thing to do.
  2. We think we have the capabilities and patience to build much more advanced features both for individiuals and companies which will be worth paying for.

For us its a marathon not a sprint. In the ever more competitive industry of crypto its important to look ahead for a longer period of time and make sure we give the maximum value to users all along that long road.

Blox will introduce paid features and tiers but it will be after we make sure its the right fit for us and our community. We are building a relationship with our users, we need to win their trust and time first, revenue will naturally come afterwards.

CEO @ and . Developing trustless staking products for eth2.0.

CEO @ bloxstaking.com and blox.io. Developing trustless staking products for eth2.0.